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How to choose the right yacht?
Booking Procedure?
What is the Cost of a Crewed Charter?
What kind of activities are there to do?
Where can we sail?
Which days of the week can I begin and end my charter?
Which is the usual Payment method?
Are there any additional charges?
What is the "Minimum Price Guarantee"?

P: How to choose the right yacht?
R: The decision to charter a yacht is a personal choice or preference depending on your budget, your party size and your experience in sailing, among other factors.
All yachts have a set number of cabins hosting from 2 up to the stated amount of passengers according to the registration of the vessel. For a party of 6, for example you would choose a yacht with a minimum of 3 cabins. Other factors to consider is your comfort level and your budget. Year build may also be a significant factor. The newer models are more spacious, better designed with newer engines and performance capabilities.

P: Booking Procedure?
R: Once agreed the dates and cruising area, Luxuryonlineyachts.com & International Charter Group ®, will prepare and send you a Charter Agreement detailing the yacht, your chosen dates, location, cruising area and cost. To execute the agreement the first payment, normally 50% of the charter fee, is required. We will then send you a detailed questionnaire requesting information on your preferences: arrangements, guest list, likes and dislikes, special requirements, etc.
This information will be discussed with you in some detail to ensure we gather as much information as possible. This is then sent to the Captain so that he can pre-book any berths, order the right provisions and take them on board. The balance is normally due one month prior to the charter commencing. At the same time we will ask you to send us the funds to cover the advance provisioning allowance (APA). The APA is immediately sent to the Captain, in cash, in order that the yacht can purchase provisions in advance ready for your arrival. All costs incurred by the yacht which are accountable to the charterer will be deducted during the cruise and full accounts produced at the end. The Captain will, at the end of the charter, return any unused funds.
Occasionally the APA is not sufficient and the Captain will keep you advised if further funds are required. Our charter services run according to international standards, under the guidelines of international M.Y.B.A. terms, including yacht rental, crew and maintenance.

P: What is the Cost of a Crewed Charter?
R: The cost of crewed charters vary depending on the size of vessel, power or sail, number of people on board, etc. The duration of the charter is usually a week, but can be any length adapting to your needs. Motor yachts cost more than sail.
Groups on larger yachts can often be less expensive per person than a couple on a small yacht. Yachts are available for parties of 2 or more. Large groups may prefer to charter more than 1 yacht and sail as a flotilla. The summer season is more expensive than winter, except in the Caribbean.

P: What kind of activities are there to do?
R: Some yachts have water sports and will vary depending on equipment. These might include snorkeling, Scuba Diving, knee boarding, water-skiing, windsurfing, kayaks, fishing, etc If the Yacht has Water Sports equipment on board it is usually included but some activities are extra, and can be arranged by your crew (ie: Scuba diving).
On shore activities can be recommended by your crew and will vary depending on the location. 

P: Where can we sail?
R: Weather permitting the itinerary is tailored to your individual requirements.

P: Which days of the week can I begin and end my charter?
R: Weekly charters usually begin and end on Saturdays. If you wish we can arrange your charter for shorter or longer periods.

P: Which is the usual Payment method?
R: Normally 50% of the charter fee is required upon signing the agreement. The balance is normally due one month prior to the charter commencing, via bank transfer or credit card.

P: Are there any additional charges?
R: Depending on the type of charter you select the following additional charges may apply:
  • Security Deposit: Refundable at the end of the charter.
  • Fuel Deposit: The yacht should be delivered topped up with fuel as it was given at the commencing of the charter.
  • Port or Marina fees: Usually included in the base port of the yacht.
  • Optional: Any optional extras that you might have specifically requested.

P: What is the "Minimum Price Guarantee"?
R: Luxuryonlineyachts.com & International Charter Group ®, guarantees that you will always have the best price for your charter, to that end we offer the "Minimum Price Guarantee" in all our charter yachts.




Our wide fleet is composed of all type of yachts: luxury yacht charter, motor, sail, length between 5 and more than 100 meters. We will offer you the most suitable yacht rental according to your needs, likes and budget, for you to have the perfect vacation experience in Ibiza.

We customize every luxury yacht charter to the special likes of our clients and provide a professional team that will cater all needs that may arise during the charter and their stay in Ibiza .





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