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 & International Charter Group ® (Since 1991), offer a superior customised charter marketing services which excel in the established superyacht marketing avenues. & International Charter Group ® (Since 1991), however, also places emphasis on new online electronic and internet media marketing strategies, along with other innovative contemporary techniques. Our internet saturation and reach is second to none in the luxury yacht industry. Our robust package is the only package worldwide which can claim to give your yacht a complete priority in all possible marketing strategies.
We achieve yacht marketing success through a determined, diligent and energetic marketing team which delivers the highest standard of service and professionalism.
The & International Charter Group ® (Since 1991), yacht advertising and marketing program is delivered by enthusiastic personnel around the clock with the highest standard of dedication. Similarly, our charter management service is delivered with the same high level of commitment.
Please contact us here to receive further detailed information about our luxury yacht charter marketing and management service in Ibiza and Formentera.
Synopsis of the charter yacht marketing and management service.

The following yacht owners will benefit from the & International Charter Group ® (Since 1991), charter marketing and management service:

An owner who wishes to merely trial the chartering of their yacht, even for just a week or two a year.
An owner who would like to receive a moderate level of charters. He may wish to put the income towards the yacht’s ongoing maintenance and running costs, whilst protecting the yacht and crew from inactivity.
An owner wishing to maximise his yacht charter income with twin season, year-round charters.
No matter what your needs, & International Charter Group ® (Since 1991), will provide a dedicated charter marketing program to suit. & International Charter Group ® (Since 1991), will maximize your luxury yacht’s income with a comprehensive, modern and intelligent marketing plan and an ongoing conscientious attention to the management.

We offer a robust program which is customized, personalised and adaptable to each yacht and owner’s needs. Our marketing excels in traditional and more contemporary electronic avenues. We cultivate potential charter markets and stimulate new and innovative ones. We are determined to make your yacht marketing and management experience the best that it can possibly be.

- Utilising a broad network of relationships with the leading yacht charter agents, brokers and contacts worldwide, which are an essential resource for generating charter bookings in Ibiza and Formentera.
- Marketing your yacht directly to the world’s yacht charter brokers, on an ongoing basis, via an electronic email brochure.
- Representing your yacht to the world’s main yacht charter broker networks.
- Representing and marketing your yacht to the news media publications and press (both electronic and hard copy) such as luxury yachting, lifestyle and informational websites, magazines and news sources.
- Coordinating the creation of a successful hard copy yacht brochure, if she doesn't already have one.
- Managing your yacht’s calendar and bookings efficiently and around the clock.
- Building a repeat client base by finding charterers that are most suited to your particular yacht and thereby most likely to take pleasure in their experience and return to charter again next year.
- Dealing with all enquiries for your yacht quickly and professionally as well as skillfully handling the booking and charter process for every charter in Ibiza and Formentera.




Our wide fleet is composed of all type of yachts: luxury yacht charter, motor, sail, length between 5 and more than 100 meters. We will offer you the most suitable yacht rental according to your needs, likes and budget, for you to have the perfect vacation experience in Ibiza.

We customize every luxury yacht charter to the special likes of our clients and provide a professional team that will cater all needs that may arise during the charter and their stay in Ibiza .






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yacht rental in ibiza yacht rental in ibiza